Dona Ana Properties has been professionally managing apartment buildings and residential homes for over 27 years. We would love to take the hassle of managing your rental property off your hands. Dona Ana Properties offers the following services:

  • Maintenance of your property – we handle all work-related calls involving any repair or issue including seasonal maintenance such as heating/cooling changeover. We have a supremely professional team of contractors to handle any job large or small.
  • Securing tenant occupancy – We market diligently online, in print ads, with signs, and by phone to attract potential tenants to lease your property.
  • Tenant qualification – once we have a prospective client interested in your property we require a rental application which includes background check, credit history check, and income verification with strict guidelines
  • Rent collection – we collect and process all payments of rent monthly
  • Accounting – all credits for rent and debits for any repairs are documented clearly and delivered to you in a monthly report.
  • Repairs – all non maintenance repairs needed for the property are communicated to you for approval before any work is handled on your behalf.
  • Turn around – In the event that a current tenant leaves the property for any reason we freshen the unit to 100% after vacancy to make ready for the next tenant. Time is of the essence and we want to keep your property in a good condition as possible all the while keeping vacancy periods to a minimum.
  • Evictions – we have established a very respectful relationship with the Dona Ana Magistrate Court and handle all evictions of problem tenants in a professional and legal manner. Tenants that are not in compliance with their lease are given a series of notices for corrective action with inspections to follow.
  • Non payment of rent – in this event the tenants are given until the 3rd day including weekends to get the rent paid. After the third day we immediately file for eviction and will rescind the filing if tenant catches up rent in a timely fashion. We have provided a night drop for their after hours convenience.
  • Year end reports – we provide year end annual reports with a summary of all accounting for your tax season convenience.